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Last-Mile Logistics

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A Forward-Thinking Last Mile Logistics Provider

At Source Energy Services, we continually look for new efficiencies in the supply chain to match the current and future needs of our customers. Our vast terminal network and rail capacity is also ideal for moving products around the WCSB. Combine this with the expertise and capabilities of our 24/7 Dispatch team, your products will be where you need them, fast.

A semi truck passing under a line used to move extracted materials

Dependable Trucking Delivery and Access to Your Products

Source Energy Services sets the standard for trucking logistics with real-time analytics technology and the utilization of the best in class trucking fleets. Our trucking solutions reduce the risk of disruptions by offering cost-controlled supply of proppant for your well site, and the ability to move your other products as well.

Our service-driven dispatch team uses real-time technology that provides up to the minute analytics of inventory and cycle wait times. This cutting-edge technology enables our team to actively monitor the loading and unloading of inventory – helping our clients save time, money, and manpower. Using both a Carrier Fleet made up of the best carriers across Western Canada and our own Trucking Fleet, Source uses a multi-faceted approach to ensure your products arrive where they need to be.

Carrier Program

We use our strong relationships with the best fleets across Western Canada to manage a network of over 200 third-party trucks for dispatch and delivery. Our results are a testament to our expertise in trucking logistics – we have delivered over 2.0 million tonnes of proppant and other materials annually.

Trucking at Source

Source Energy Services' corporate trucking operations support both Source’s domestic mining operations in the Peace River, AB region and well site deliveries, enabling the company to be more resilient and flexible, driving efficiencies to further reduce costs for our valued clients.

Join Our Carrier Program

We operate in all major plays of Western Canada. Here are a few of the reasons why you should join our Carrier Program
  • Low NPT
  • Monitor wait times
  • Steady work
  • Sand transfer options due to domestic sand mine operation
  • Competitive rates 24/7 in person, on call, dispatch team
  • Company culture that is people first and inclusive
  • Inclusive culture
  • Safety is at the forefront of our operation
  • Can accommodate fleet sizes 1 to 30+
  • We operate the largest terminal network in Western Canada

Apply for our Carrier Program

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A semi truck passing under a line used to move extracted materials