Well Site Sand Storage

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Well Site Sand Storage

SAHARA Last-Mile Storage Solutions

The Sahara sand storage unit culminates Source Energy Services’ last-mile logistics abilities by offering customers flexible proppant storage solutions.

At Source Energy Services, we find innovative solutions that optimize performance of our Sahara units to ensure smooth well completion activities. The Sahara’s compact and dynamic design enables operators to have on-demand proppant at the well site, reducing wait times for delivery and allowing continuous operations. Source currently operates 11 Sahara units across North America.

The Sahara Advantage


6,155 tonnes (13,569,452 lbs) can be supplied to the blender in a day, the North American Record

Sand Management

Fastest unload times combined with industry leading logistics


Source's expertise in well site logistics means you can to achieve continuous operations at your well pad


Fully enclosed with dust collection minimizing silica exposure, and high powered LED lighting enhances well site safety

The Sahara’s Features Include:
Small footprint

Smallest proppant storage footprint in the industry

Real-time inventory monitoring

cloud based technology

LED lights

Located at top of Sahara unit to minimize shadows on site

Dual drive over

Ability to unload two trucks at once

Large capacity

1,800 tonnes (~4 million lbs.) storage capacity

Flexible unload options

Ability to unload from all trailer configurations

Dust control

Fully enclosed to minimize dust exposure

Harsh environment capability

Able to operate in remote artic environments and warm desert climates

Wide angle of of the Sahara field mineThe Sahara field mineThe Sahara field mine
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