Our Leadership Team

The inside of a water recycling plant

Scott Melbourn

President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Scott Melbourn’s key responsibilities include the establishment and execution of the purpose, the values and the long term objectives and vision of Source as well as the development and implementation of Source’s strategic plan and corporate objectives. In consultation with Management, he establishes appropriate annual and longer-term financial objectives and is responsible for meeting these objectives. Mr. Melbourn ensures close communication with the Board and its committees and keeps the directors informed of the important aspects of the status and development of Source and facilitates the Board’s governance, composition, and committee structure. He also promotes innovative thinking in all aspects of the company with a focus on providing leading solutions to Source’s customers. Mr. Melbourn joined Source in 2011 and has over 20 years of operations, financial and business development experience, primarily in the oilfield services industry.

Derren Newell

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Derren Newell’s key areas of responsibility are the execution of all aspects of Source’s Finance, Information Technology and Human Resources operations. Mr. Newell provides financial and business leadership and perspective to senior management and to the Board of Directors. He promotes strong governance and financial control and oversees the adoption of appropriate policies and procedures to ensure completeness and accuracy of financial statements, management discussion and analysis and regulatory financial returns. Mr. Newell evaluates and optimizes the Company’s capital position and sources of funding within the Company’s regulatory and rating agency framework to maintain the Company’s financial strength. Mr. Newell also actively participates in the development of guidelines and practices relating to the Human Resources of the Company, including with respect to employee engagement and well-being, as well as development and implementation of best practices with regard to cyber security measures and controls designed to mitigate risks such as breakdown, invasion, virus, cyber-attack, cyber-fraud, security breach, and destruction or interruption of the Company’s information technology systems by third parties or insiders.

Jarett Finney

President - Distribution

Mr. Jarett Finney oversees the execution of Source’s Terminals, Last-Mile Logistics, and Field Solutions operations in Canada and the US. In his role, he oversees inventory management, HR, business development, and capital projects for each respective business line, in addition to promoting customer focused and industry leading operational efficiencies, all while ensuring safety is held to the highest regard. Mr. Finney has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry across North America including both arctic and offshore operations. He also holds a Certified Engineering Technologist (CET) certification from Red River College.

Shawn Furlong

President - Production

Mr. Shawn Furlong is responsible for all aspects of production in Wisconsin and Peace River. Mr. Furlong has over 20 years of international oil and gas experience, with more than 15 years of experience in directing quality, health, safety, and environment systems. During his tenure at the company, he has developed a deep understanding of all aspects of the operations and has demonstrated an ability to develop and execute on a strategic vision. Prior to his time at Source, Mr. Furlong held senior positions at PennWest (a Canadian E&P company), Schlumberger, and various operational positions as a geologist in the oil and gas industry.

Kurtis Kisio

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Mr. Kurtis Kisio’s key areas of responsibility are the execution of Source’s sales operations, leading the efforts for sales of proppant, Sahara and trucking. Mr. Kisio provides market intelligence, customer information, and new business leadership to senior management. Mr. Kisio joined Source in 2016 and has over 15 years of sales experience. Mr. Kisio graduated Cum Laude from Minnesota State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management.