Transforming the Supply Chain for the Oil and Gas Industry

We reliably manage our customer’s proppant and well completion needs with logistic solutions that cover the entire supply chain.

Largest Supplier of Quality
Proppant in the WCSB

Source Energy’s facilities and rail network deliver quality Northern White proppant and Domestic Sand from our Wisconsin and Peace River facilities into the WCSB. Our facilities are located along the Canadian National (CN) rail lines for direct access to our terminals.


Northern White proppant is used by operators to achieve high production.

We offer product flexibility for specific well requirements with proppant sizes of 20/40, 30/50, 40/70 and 100 mesh.


Our mines and processing facilities avoid supply shortfalls and ensure security of supply:

  • >30 years of Northern White reserves
  • 4.8 mmtpa production capacity
  • 3 closed loop wet and dry plants with year-round processing

Source also operates the closest Domestic Sand mine to the Montney region, ensuring efficiency of supply for our customers as well.


We deliver quality proppant directly to our terminals located throughout the WCSB, saving both time and shipping costs:

  • Processing facilities located directly along CN rail lines
  • CN’s largest WCSB in-bound customer
  • Fleet of 2,600 rail cars

Source Energy Services’ commitment to environmental sustainability starts at our mine and processing facilities. Our processing facilities are ecologically sustainable with closed-loop water systems that recycle water and eliminate the need for retention ponds. And we don’t stop there – our land reclamation process begins soon after mining activities conclude.

A Forward-Thinking
Oilfield Logistics Provider

At Source Energy Services, we continually look for new efficiencies in the supply chain to match current and future oilfield completion activities. Our logistic solutions solve industry challenges in procurement and delivery of proppant and well completion chemicals.

Security of proppant supply

Our mines and processing facilities produce a reliable supply of quality Northern White proppant and Domestic Sand.

Direct delivery of quality proppant

2 unit-train capable facilities handle the transportation up to 100 cars directly from our mine to terminals in the WCSB.

Terminal capacity reliable for larger frac operations

Our 9 in-basin terminals ensures efficient and reliable delivery of quality proppant and well completion chemicals into the WCSB.

Dependable trucking delivery and access to proppant at the well site

Source Energy Services sets the standard for trucking logistics with real-time analytics technology and the utilization of the best in class trucking fleets. Our trucking solutions reduce the risk of well site disruptions by offering cost-controlled supply of proppant as well as reliable inventory monitoring for continuous well site operations.

Our service-driven dispatch team uses real-time technology that provides up to the minute analytics of inventory and cycle wait times. This cutting-edge technology enables our team to actively monitor the loading and unloading of proppant – helping our clients save time, money and manpower.

We use our strong relationships with the best fleets across Western Canada to manage a network of over 200 third-party trucks for dispatch and delivery. Our results are a testament to our expertise in trucking logistics – we have delivered over 1.5 million tonnes of proppant annually.

Western Canada’s Largest
Network of In-Basin Terminals

Source Energy has the largest network of owned and operated in-basin terminals in the WCSB. Our network of multi-product terminals ensures streamlined delivery of quality proppant and bulk well completion materials into the WCSB.

Our terminals have the advantages of location, capacity, rail cars, and inventory to ensure proppant is available where our customers need it, when they need it most.


9 strategically located terminals reduce delivery time to wellsites.
2 terminals are unit-train capable that can hold up to 100 cars on the track.


Source Energy’s high-capacity terminals with over 5.7 mmtpa throughput capacity ensure security of product supply.

Rail Cars

Source Energy’s logistic management offers cost-effective delivery of quality Northern White proppant and Domestic Sand:

  • Significantly reduced cycle time from the mine to wellsite
  • Reliability of supply
  • Elimination of truck standby and rail demurrage

Our service-driven dispatch team monitors uses real-time technology to monitor inventory and cycle times.

At Source Energy Services, we continually look to the future and explore ways we can utilize our expansive infrastructure network to provide leading logistics, including well completion chemicals and crude-by-rail transloading services.

Well Completion
Chemical Storage

Source Energy Services seeks to meet the evolving needs of the oil and gas industry, continually discovering and implementing new ways to maximize production in challenging, unconventional plays.

Our terminals in Red Deer and Grande Prairie, Alberta are equipped with chemical storage. These chemical logistics solutions are flexible and can be tailored to each customer’s well completion needs, including quick expansion of chemical storage when demand requires it.

We utilize our resources and relationships with a fleet of specialized chemical transportation trucks that move chemicals directly from our terminals to customers facilities. Our team manages the logistics of well completion chemicals, so our customers can focus on their operations.

Field Solutions
Last-Mile Storage Solutions

The Sahara sand storage unit captures Source Energy Services’ last-mile logistics abilities by offering customers flexible proppant storage solutions.



At Source Energy Services, we find innovative solutions that optimize performance of our Sahara units to ensure smooth well completion activities. The Sahara’s compact and dynamic design enables operators to have on-demand proppant at the well site, reducing wait times for delivery and allowing continuous operations.






The Sahara offers multiple HSE and operational advantages in comparison to its competition:

  • Smallest proppant storage footprint in the industry – sand is stored in a compact vertical configuration with 40’ x 88’ spacing
  • Large capacity – Nearly 4 million lbs. storage capacity in 12 separate bins
  • Real-time inventory monitoring – the Sahara is equipped with live inventory management technology that tracks volumes in each individual bin categorized by mesh size while also tracking total daily throughput
  • Flexible unload options – able to unload from varying trailer configurations onto a drive over offload unit that allows drivers to remain in their cab
  • LED lights – equipped with high-powered LED lighting features that enhance well site safety and reduce the need for lighting towers around location
  • Dust control – designed for low dust creation, with additional dust collection features that minimize silica exposure and reaffirms Source Energy Services’ commitment to health and safety excellence exceeding all OSHA silica exposure regulations
  • Fully electric – units are fully electric, making them quiet, efficient, and safe in addition to significantly reducing their environmental footprint

The Sahara Advantage:

1. BI-DIRECTIONAL BELT SYSTEM: Allows quick changes between bins

2. FASTER: Unload rate of 4.5 TPM low profile drive over

3. COMPACT: Vertically elevate sand with reliable bucket elevator

4. FLEXIBLE: 12 individual bins that can quickly be transitioned between to both fill and empty bins

5. INTEGRATED: Able to feed the blender and offload truck simultaneously with articulating load and unload configuration

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